Note to followers from my old blog:

I’m really sorry I deleted it, but I was acting very impulsively. That’s what happens when the stress of school and work gets to me. I acted on a whim. I should have told everyone ahead of time, so if you want to bitch at me for that, I totally understand. 

Also, I’ve kind of felt like my reason for being on Tumblr has faded away. There is hardly anything Harmony related to blog about anymore. When I go through the Harmony tag I see interest in my ship diminishing. Most of the Harmony blogs I follow now blog about other shows, many of which I don’t watch. 

The same goes for DREW shipping. Now that Dan is with Rosie, it sometimes seems like there is no hope for Dan and Emma (in the short term). Which is quite depressing. I try to visualize Dan being with Emma but it is very difficult when he seems so wrapped up in his love for Rosie. 

As much as I love Daniel Radcliffe, hearing him talk about his girlfriend constantly frustrates me and takes the fun out of blogging about him, because it further emphasizes the divide between his fulfilling life and mine, which seems rather uneventful in comparison. Yes, I am petty like that. I view Dan like any guy I would have a crush on in my “real” life, that is how the brain works. It does not distinguish between celebrities and “normal” people. And in “real life” I never obsess over guys that are happily attached to other people. 

I do look forward to blogging again but I need to find the time, and I have to figure out what to blog about since two of my main reasons for being on Tumblr (Harmony and DREW) have diminished. 

Btw, just in case you’re wondering if this is really me, you can e-mail me at mradcliffe05@hotmail.com, which is the e-mail I gave to Shannon (twihardpotterhead) and Diane (whowouldhaveeverthought) before I deleted my blog. They can confirm that.

I love you all very much and I will still keep in touch, and I hope you will too. You can still message me at this account.